We're living the lager life in the beer hall section of Lorelei.  Our beer hall is a laid-back, counter service approach to community drinking, with a lager-forward list of 14 beers (largely German and Czech styles) rounded out with soft American IPAs and fruited beers to make for the easiest-drinking experience we can provide.  We always have an equally-approachable draft Alpine Gin & Tonic and German pear & apple cider on tap, for those who are looking for an alternative to beer.  Our beer hall is aimed towards accommodating gatherings of friends and family, both big and small, for a fun, no-fuss experience with easy-drinking taps.  Floor-to-ceiling windows topped with stained-glass transoms open up to a beautiful neo-gothic cathedral across the street will transport you to Europe as you hoist a stein of pilsner.   Prost!